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The Grocery Store at Bayfield

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Meet the Owners

Paul and Diane Peeples moved to Bayfield, Colorado in 1991 with their 3 children after 20 years of grocery experience in Mississippi. They purchased The Grocery Store when they moved to Bayfield and their goals have always been to provide a friendly, clean small town supermarket where it is a pleasure to shop. Paul and Diane are committed to serving the community of Bayfield with quality products and great customer service. Thay are always open to requests and suggestions as they are focused on maintaining high standards and on continuous improvement. If you have any requests are suggestions you can Contact Us here.

Why Shop Local?

By shopping at our store each week, you contribute to the wellbeing of the Bayfield community and save money:

  1. You invest in our local economy.
  2. You help create local jobs.
  3. You support our local community.
  4. You help the environment and save on gas by shopping locally.
  5. You maintain more choice in local shopping.
  6. You benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in food.
  7. You appreciate what makes us different from our larger, national competitors.
  8. You can give us feedback to make our store even better!
  9. You can suggest products you’d like us to stock.
  10. You get weekly specials and money-off coupons to help you save money.
The Grocery Store, Bayfield

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